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Osteopathy Treatments – The Process

Your first Osteopathy appointment will start with a long conversation exploring the reason why you have chosen to come and see us, as well as other details your medical history and lifestyle – enabling us to get a full understanding of you and your complaint.

Examination will involve a mixture of clinical tests, movement tests, and touch to locate the source and cause of your symptoms. Usually people will be asked to remove some clothing to enable this process – however if you would prefer for any reason not to, we can find a way around this. However, because of this we ask that people wear suitable supportive underwear, or bring with them comfortable clothes that they can move freely in.

After the consultation and examination your Osteopath has a diagnosis they will discuss this with you and formulate a plan. Usually this involves a mixture of hands-on treatment, exercise prescription, and dietary/lifestyle changes. In the rare case that your Osteopath thinks that you may need attention from another medical professional they can advise you on this too. Everybody, and every complaint is different, and therefore requires different levels of attention and time – and a different number of appointment. Most commonly people will see their Osteopath approximately 2-4 times over 1-4  weeks for a simple or acute complaint; and maybe 6-10 for a more complex or chronic condition.

Physical Therapy, Osteopathy, Podiatry – Patient Journey

Whether you need physical therapy, podiatry or osteopathy treatments, we’ll ensure you get the best possible care. We take every patient through a comprehensive programme of rehabilitation and care, individually tailored to your specific needs.

Our number one aim is to heal you and give you the management skills you need to get on with your life. We believe in giving you treatment solutions and strategies, rather than ongoing therapies that mean you have to keep coming back for more appointments.

Private/NHS Physiotherapy & Private Osteopathy Treatments

We welcome Osteopathy and Physiotherapy patients from all kinds of treatment pathways including:

  • self-referring private patients
  • patients covered by medical insurance
  • NHS physiotherapy referrals
  • referrals from solicitors acting for patients who have had an accident
  • referrals through employers who are covered by our Occupational Health Service

If you are insured and are contacting us yourself, we may need your treatment authorisation number. All our therapists are recognised by all of the medical insurance companies, so we will be able to help. Our reception staff are happy to help should you have any queries.

Private Podiatry Treatment

Our chiropody/podiatry treatments can be accessed privately. This includes referrals from:

  • self-referring private patients
  • employees whose employers use our Occupational Health Services
  • patients covered by medical insurance


To book an appointment or find out more, please contact us.



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