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  • How to Think about Sports Injuries October 19, 2018

      Sports Injuries occur when more force is applied to a body part than it can withstand and adapt to. Acute injuries such as hamstrings tears occur when they are required to contract with more force than they are able to, or in a position in which they are not trained to function – this is why ...

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  • Life Expectancy, Health, Happiness and Moving September 16, 2018

      It’s the end of summer. There, I said it! Kids back to school, evenings getting cooler, comfort foods and sofas getting more and more appealing. However, don’t despair because September is the perfect time of year to start good health habits. Thinking of getting back into running? Why not start now and get some momentum going before the ...

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  • Trapped Nerves, Referred Pain and Sciatica August 6, 2018

      As I have mentioned before: pain is strange, complex, and very interesting. Why does your leg hurt when you have injured your back? Why does your head hurt when the muscles in your neck are overworked? And how does a neck injury lead to shoulder, elbow, or hand pain? The reason for these, as well ...

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  • Headaches are a Real Pain in the Neck July 6, 2018

      Headaches are a common complaint, that most commonly are the result of referred pain from muscles and joints in the neck. Hands on treatment and exercise has been shown to be an effective strategy to improving symptoms when this is the case Occasional headaches are a near universal human experience. However for some ‘occasional’ becomes ‘frequent’, ...

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  • Why Shoulder Pain Needn’t Hold You Back June 8, 2018

      Shoulder pain is a common, but varied complaint. From hand working tradesmen, to hard working desk workers; professional athletes, weekend warriors, young and old, there are many reasons why shoulder pain can develop, and persist. The shoulder complex is made up of four joints, and many muscles, all working in harmony with each other, as ...

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