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  • Ben

    The support I received from Central Osteopaths was second to none. I have been a sprinter and semi professional footballer since I was a young man, but the service and knowledgeable advice that I received during approximately 6 sessions, after undergoing a meniscus cartilage operation, was extremely helpful, informative and professional. Matt Penman, my Osteopath is also a very good communicator and motivator, setting realistic and achievable targets whilst at the same time pushing to achieve real progress. He helped me on the road to recovery. I would recommend Central Osteopaths to anyone.

  • Owen

    I have visited Central Health on many occasions for Osteopathy treatment and find they have the expertise to diagnose a problem and therefore can point to the solution. The thing I realised quickly is that sustaining the remedy is indeed a partnership. It requires effort from both their practitioner and ourselves carrying out the suggested exercises diligently.

  • Kara

    Finally plucked up the courage to visit Central Health back in June after suffering for years with neck and back pain. I felt quite apprehensive about the first osteopath appointment but needless to say all my anxieties and concerns were certainly relieved after my first consultation with Matt. Matt’s up to date knowledge and understanding is second to none, which enabled my expected lengthy recovery to be shortened and the pain relieved after my first appointment! Not only has Matt advised me on neck/back pain but also on the importance of maintaining hydration, the impact of stress on the body and lots more. I can’t recommend the service enough, my only regret is that I didn’t go earlier!

  • Deborah Bowler

    The Dr and Hospitals had “written” my symptoms off I came to see Jon who in a matter of weeks has given me mobility back in my arm and shoulder and full feeling again. I would highly recommend him. very professional and friendly.

  • P.Guest

    They were really friendly people and it was very good to see them

  • Kev & Ali

    Thankyou for your time and your patience in sorting our my back, Thankyou

  • Chris Mcniell

    Can’t underestimate the work you guys do. Happy new year

  • Diane Shipman

    I’ve had the misfortune in the last 6 months of a stress fracture to my ankle and a very painful lower back. Saw Kevin on both occasions, after a few sessions and following his advise to manage the conditions he has instilled me with confidence to enable me to start running again. Thank you. Kate has also been very friendly and helpful.

  • Melvin Poyser

    I would like to say a very BIG thank you to Jon Lewis for all the hard work he did for my neck and also advice plus the exercises for my neck. Thank you again for your help.