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Occupational Physiotherapy

Our occupational health physiotherapy services cover a broad range of areas. From occupational health and safety, to assessments, treatment and rehabilitation, we can help. Our team of occupational health physiotherapists and occupational health physicians and nurses will identify workplace health issues and offer practical solutions. They will help your business to improve productivity and reduce the number of staff sick days.

Your Specialist Occupational Health and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists

At Central Occupational Health, we have a dedicated, highly specialised team of occupational health physiotherapists. They work in conjunction with our occupational health physicians and nurses, offering both on-site and off-site services. Our on-site treatments, assessments and testing can help productivity because there’s no travelling time. And unlike the NHS, we can assess and treat your employees in days – not months – bringing you significant cost-benefits. For example, it could take months for an employee with low back pain to get a physiotherapy appointment on the NHS – and they could be off work for the entire waiting period. Also, speedy treatment can reduce the chance of a chronic long-term injury, with statistics showing that the longer an employee is off work the less likely they are to return. Because of this, establishing and identifying the best management as quickly as possible can be very cost effective.

Occupational Health Physical Assessment and Rehabilitation Services

Many of our occupational health and safety services can be carried out on your premises. We aim to provide a swift, effective and good value service that keeps disruption to a minimum. Our experienced occupational health advisors can offer:

  • Workplace and ergonomic assessments – these are assessments for the working environment or the biomechanical processes of carrying out work tasks. They aim to identify potential dangers, such as repetitive strain injuries and also to help increase capacity and productivity. Recommendations for improved safety or procedures can be made in writing after the assessment has been carried out.
  • Display screen assessments – these assessments aim to check that workers using screens and keyboards are comfortable and safe. Ergonomic checks are made to ensure the height and position of each employee’s equipment is right for them. These checks and ergonomic alterations can help to reduce absenteeism and will ensure you comply with the HSE, DSE regulations of 1992 (amended in 2002).
  • Work hardening programmes – these programmes aim to get employees back to work by gradually reconditioning them both mentally and physically. The process involves the employee practicing work activities whilst being monitored by an occupational physiotherapist. Work hardening is a highly specialised part of occupational physiotherapy. It is suitable for employees who have had a recent or long-term injury.
  • Pre work fitness testing – this includes a range of health tests that can be carried out before you employ a candidate. This could include assessments such as eye tests, hearing tests, blood pressure tests or blood and urine testing. Our occupational health nurses are able to test candidates on or off site.
  • Functional capacity assessments – these assessments aim to determine whether an employee is capable of carrying out specific tasks. Tests can be carried out for fitness, stamina, mobility, dexterity and more. Through functional capacity assessments, our occupational physiotherapists can help absent employees to establish or facilitate a speedy recovery. These assessments also allow the implementation of reasonably adjustments under the Equality Act 2010.
  • Work fit programmes – these are multidisciplinary ‘return to work’ programmes. They are suitable for those on long-term sick leave or people who are long-term unemployed. These programmes take into consideration both the physical and psychological needs of people re-entering the workplace.
  • A full range of physio and other treatments – including mobilisation, manipulation and sports massage, electrotherapy, trigger point release and exercise treatments. Our specialists can offer a full range of treatments to your staff either on your premises or at our clinics, accessing our practitioners up and down the country.

To find out more about our occupational health services, please contact us.



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