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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Central Occupational Health conduct Drug and Alcohol Testing in the workplace and at our regional clinic locations.


We help clients to establish robust drug and alcohol policies prior to testing and to implement procedures in the event of non-negative results.


There are 3 Main Tests:


  • Onsite drug test and alcolyser test. This is ideal for with cause testing where you suspect someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol at that moment or there has been an accident and you want to rule out drug or alcohol involvement.
  • Laboratory confirmation of a non-negative result where you have had a positive to either drug or alcohol testing
  • Laboratory testing in random testing without cause for either legislative requirement or independent results.


Many companies either set their alcohol level at 0 or 22 micrograms of breath/100 ml breath. Although the English and Welsh levels are 35, many choose to use the Scottish level of 22, especially if their drivers or other employees work in Scotland. Some who have drivers or employees who go to Germany choose the 0 level , rather than have different policies causing confusion.


Some industries have drug and alcohol testing specified in law, the rail or air industry for example. However, many haulage contractors carry out random testing as part of their standards setting.


To find out more about Drug and Alcohol Testing, please contact us.



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