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Occupational Health Case Management

Our Occupational Health Case Management service ensures your employees or clients get the medical care they need following an accident, illness or injury. Working directly with businesses, insurers and solicitors, we can arrange appointments for assessment and treatment all over the UK. Whatever the health issue and wherever you’re based, we offer a service that includes responsive, comprehensive and multidisciplinary healthcare solutions for the quickest possible return to health.

Occupational Health Referral Services

Our Occupational Health referral services utilise our UK-wide network of expert clinicians and practitioners. You can totally rely on Central Occupational Health for full Case Management including initial triage needs, appropriate and swift assessment, training and any treatment requirements. We’ll ensure they’ll access the very best in care and rehabilitation with no delays, hassle or complications. And our carefully selected national network of experts means they’ll start on a programme of care that aims to rehabilitate them both physically and mentally for an effective, long-term recovery to health.

Occupational Health Services – The Benefits Of Case Management

Our case management services are just part of our Occupational Health Services. By choosing Central Occupational Health case management, you can be sure you’re clients or employees will receive the best care. You can also be sure that your business will benefit from:

  • Reduced admin time and costs – by managing your employees’ or clients’ files in house, we can cut your admin time and take away the hassle of organising treatment programmes.
    reduced time off work and associated costs – our case management focuses on enabling speedy, efficient and lasting recoveries, meaning your business can save money on associated costs, such as sick pay and agency staff.
  • National coverage – our UK-wide coverage means we can help wherever you’re based – even if organisation is based in multiple locations.
  • Long-term reductions in absenteeism – our network of experts ensure your clients or employees receive quality care, including properly planned ‘work fit’ programmes. This high quality, long-term approach promotes lasting recoveries for them and excellent value for you.
  • A commitment to quality – we won’t close a case until we’re satisfied a patient has made the most complete recovery possible. This means we’re trusted by insurers, businesses and lawyers to deliver the highest quality of care.

To find out more about our Occupational Health Services or to speak to a member of our case management team, please contact us.



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