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  • Managing Early Signs of Stress April 20, 2017

      One of the most frequent questions I ask when I’m working with someone on stress management is: What do they first notice about themselves when they’re beginning to struggle? Often people will talk of a range of changes behaviourally, physically, cognitively and emotionally but they’ve tried to struggle on without responding to these changes. Understandably work demands, ...

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  • Promoting Health and Wellbeing at Work November 4, 2016

    Promoting health and wellbeing at work is proven to help employees remain happy, healthy and productive. Occupational Health Programmes also greatly improve engagement and attendance.   There are lots of ways of promoting health and wellbeing at work.   Examples include: Cycle to work schemes where employees can purchase bikes and pay over a year before being taxed. This is ...

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  • Positive Psychology: Can Your Personal Strengths Help To Manage Stress… July 11, 2016

    The growing area of Positive Psychology helps people to harness what they are doing well, rather than focus on problems. It works with the understanding that people will naturally want to lead fulfilling lives and have often overcome significant problems in their lives by using personal qualities that encourage resilience.   We know about The Importance of ...

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  • We Value Relationships So Why Do We Neglect Them? May 18, 2016

    It is now proven that a significant number of children are not ready to start school with the social and intellectual skills they require because parents and careers are in some ways neglecting those ‘early year relationships’ in favour of spending too much time concentrating on smartphones and gadgets. And it’s not just children who are ...

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  • Seeking Help From A Counsellor or Psychotherapist May 12, 2016

    Sometimes life throws up surprises that can make you feel twisted and tangled. Some days you may feel low and need to talk to someone, and on others you feel fine and the thought of seeking help has gone away. We don’t know why we feel this way. So how can we make sense of something ...

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