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Your Feet – Foot Pain And Treatment

It’s not normal to have painful feet – and you don’t have to put up with your foot pain. Whilst we can treat all kinds of conditions, it’s recommended that you have your feet checked regularly to ensure everything’s OK. Regular foot checks at our modern podiatry clinic near Nottingham and Derby mean we can help prevent problems from occurring or getting worse. And prevention is always better than cure.

Foot Problems And Body Pain

Foot problems can cause pain all over your body. Healthy feet are essential for your mobility – and some foot problems can even cause pain in the back, hips and knees. Being the foundation of the body, it’s not surprising that if your feet hurt, your whole body can hurt – and this can be helped by altering the way you stand or move.

Foot Care At Central

Foot care at our clinic is provided by fully qualified podiatrists, not just ‘foot practitioners’. Their expert care can help correct and treat a range of problems, whilst regular checkups can catch problems before they start to cause you pain or discomfort. We see a variety of clients with many different conditions and we can carry out all sorts of treatments and diagnostic tests. We only use the best products, including treatments by Gehwohl, CCS, Ureka and Orthaheel.

Podiatry For Nottingham And Derby

Painful feet can have a very negative impact on your life, restricting your daily activities or causing you unacceptable pain. Whatever the course of treatment, our friendly and experienced podiatrists will give you the best possible care to help get you back to health. You’ll be treated using the latest equipment in our clean, comfortable, confidential treatment rooms. Our podiatry clinic is easy to access from Nottingham or Derby.

Our Podiatrists’ Foot Care Tips

You can help to look after your feet and prevent foot pain by:

  • washing your feet with warm, soapy water every day
  • having regular foot massages
  • exercising your feet with calf stretches and movement
  • removing hard skin with a pumice stone and using a moisturising cream
  • seeking treatment or medications for corns
  • keeping feet warm in winter
  • cutting your toenails after baths, using nail clippers – and not cutting them too short

You should immediately seek treatment for wounds or ulcers that aren’t healing quickly, or if you’ve noticed changes in the colour or temperature of your feet.

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