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Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic insoles are prescribed to help reposition your feet in your shoes and to stop the pain that can be caused by misalignment in the skeleton. They are often prescribed after your biomechanical assessment and diagnosis.

Orthotics can eliminate pressure points, stop improper rotation of the feet and prevent muscle strain. They ensure your feet work optimally, meaning other parts of the body aren’t compensating for irregularities. In this way, orthotics can help eliminate pain in knees, hips and all over the body.

Orthotics For Shoes

Orthotics for your shoes are light, flexible inserts, shaped to support your foot and correct misalignments. They are comfortable and easy to wear, having a thin shell that only takes up a small amount of space in your shoes. Made from a polymer, they are strong and durable so they’ll resist breaking and will last a long time.

Your orthotics are custom made in a laboratory using the specifications taken by your podiatrist. This enables us to tailor your orthotics to your feet exactly, ensuring that you get a far better result than you would with an off-the-shelf insole.

Foot Health And Orthotics – How Long Will I Need Them?

Bodily and foot pain can easily be eliminated with orthotics and you may be advised to wear orthotics well into the future. Happily, orthotics are a simple, hassle-free and highly effective solution. This means most patients have no problem wearing them for years at a time. The feet are the foundation of your whole body, so it’s worth wearing your orthotics as often as you can.

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