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Nail Surgery

A specialist service dedicated to the treatment of painful in-growing toenails
In-growing nails are a painful pathology which often goes untreated for weeks or even months, causing infection of soft tissue and severe pain. The condition is very common on the big toe due to pressure from footwear.

They are often mistreated and waiting lists to have them treated can be lengthy.

Central FootClinic offers a comprehensive package of diagnosis, treatment and follow up of in-growing nails.

Nail Conditions

In-growing toenails present in a variety of ways depending upon severity and duration, often becoming infected with antibiotics required. Common causes for in-growing toenails include:

  • Tight shoes
  • Trauma
  • Poor nail cutting
  • Wide involuted nail plate

Diagnosis is made through clinical presentation. If a differential diagnosis is suspected a x-ray maybe requested.

Conservative care for in-growing toenails may include packing the nail sulci, changing footwear to a wider/deeper to box.

If conservative care is unsuccessful nail surgery maybe recommended.

Indications for Nail Treatment

Treatment maybe indicated for:

  • Failure of conservative care to resolve condition
  • Recurring ingrowing nails
  • Painful involuted nails
  • Infected ingrowing nails
  • Deformed nail shape
  • Fungal nail

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