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Foot Health Assessment

On your first visit, you’ll get a full foot health assessment. This is the starting point for your programme of foot care and treatments – and it ensures we understand your needs properly.

What Happens At A Foot Assessment?

On your first foot assessment, your podiatrist will carry out a neurological (nerves) and vascular (veins and arteries) assessment. We’ll take your medical and surgical history and ask you about any injuries, pains or problems. We may need to take details of when injuries happened, how they happened and the type of pain you’re experiencing. We’ll then perform any routine treatments, including a toenail trim, corn removal or callus reduction. To finish, we’ll massage foot cream into your skin.

If you have any unexplained pain, we may carry out a biomechanical assessment or use diagnostic ultrasound. If we diagnose any conditions that need ongoing care or if you require ongoing routine treatments, we can create a treatment schedule. Your podiatrist will check the health of your feet each time you come for an appointment. This allows us to check on your foot health and ensures we continue to provide the right treatment.

Diabetes Foot Care

Patients with diabetes need specialist foot care because of the increased risk of foot ulcers, which can lead to serious complications. Diabetics are also more likely to suffer from very dry skin on their feet, making regular foot care and maintenance a must.

If you suffer from diabetic neuropathy, regular foot health checks are even more important. This is because your extremities can become numb – so you may not be aware of ulcers or other issues. In this way, regular foot assessments with a podiatrist can help diabetics stay safe and healthy.

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