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  • Paul Gibson

    When I first approached Central Health I was in a lot pf physical pain.  I was suffering from a condition called Scoliosis which is a very uncomfortable and painful disorder that was forcing me to take more and more time off work.  A quick examination of my right foot revealed one of my smaller toes to be arthritic and the reason why I was experiencing so much pain in my right ankle, knee, hip as well as other parts of my upper body.


    Mr Kilmartin was quick to diagnose the problem by suggesting a two-step repair plan.  First, toe surgery, and secondly to wear a complementary-to-surgery pair of prescription orthotics which I have been wearing now for a couple of weeks or so.


    The operation could not have gone better and the slipper-like comfort of the orthotics have to be experienced to be believed as they are not only extremely supportive of both feet and legs but also play a very reassuring role in keeping my body where it is meant to be.


    I should like to thank Consultant Podiatric Surgeon Mr T E Kilmartin for returning my foot to normal as well as Head Podiatrist Mr A Nazir for crafting a pair of orthotics that have quite literally got me back to work and living life again.


    Thank you everyone else at Central Health for a job well done.


    Paul Gibson

  • Adele Moseley

    ‘ I would just like to say what a lovely person David is. I went to see him at the clinic for the first time last night and he made me feel very at ease. I had biked to the clinic as I had forgotten I was going and felt very embarrassed as I was sweating but David made me feel very comfortable and put me at ease. He talked me through what he was doing and made me feel at ease about my feet and was also very informative about what I needed to do as I love walking and have a big challange coming up. I would just like to say he was lovely and it was really nice to meet him and I am coming back to see him again. Regards’

  • P.Guest

    They were really friendly people and it was very good to see them

  • Chris Mcneill

    Cant underestimate the work you guys do. Happy new year

  • Claire Corkin

    I had suffered 6 months of back pain which had lead to me having continuous sleepless nights……thanks to Kevin for the first time in a long time I have managed a decent nights sleep, my pain has significantly decreased and I am fully in control of managing my pain with the advice and exercises he emailed to me. I have had nothing but a friendly professional service from everyone at the practice and cannot recommend them highly enough. A big thank you to Kevin and all the team, you should be very proud of the service you deliver and how you change people’s lives.

  • Danielle Coates

    Big thank you to Ben who really helped me whilst I was pregnant 🙂 glad to say I had a healthy boy at the end of August. He’s now happy, smiley and all of my pain has gone

  • John

    Your professionalism started prior to my arriving at the clinic, my appointment letter had the usual name and address visible in the envelope window but I was pleasantly surprised to see the salutation as DEAR JOHN. At last, I was dealing not only with a civilised person but someone who, like myself, consider the little courtesies of life. I arrived at the clinic and was welcomed by the reception staff and sat in the waiting area until my appointment. Your reception staff were all very pleasant as was your consultant, David Elliott, who I saw. The waiting area was clean and bright complete with magazines, some about gadgets (GREAT), which made the short wait quite pleasant. And to finalise, when my consultation had ended, the reception staff phoned for a car to take me home. A big thank you all round to the entire clinic’s staff!