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Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanning Services

At our Central Physio Clinics we offer Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanning Services, provided on or off site. An Ultrasound Scan can provide or eliminate diagnosis very quickly depending on what it is you are looking for. We offer a very quick, efficient and effective service. We provide the scan picture and a report as required. Our service can speed up the time that it may take through a GP or NHS service and allow a quicker diagnosis to be made and therefore the appropriate treatment required more readily reducing sickness absense and/or aiding a return to work.

Our radiographers are fully qualified and very experienced

Typical Conditions that can be investigated with Ultrasound Scanning

  •  Groins – typically for inguinal hernias
  •  Hip – To assess for hip effusions, adductor tendons, trochanteric bursitis, illiotibial band
  •  Hands, Feet – arthritic changes, tenosynovitis, tendinopathy, ganglions, mass, Morton’s neuromas, plantar fasciitis, fibromas, tendon sheath ganglions
  •  Ankles – tibialis posterior and peroneal tendinopathy/tears, achilles tendon, joint collections* Shoulders – rotator cuff pathologies, ACJ’s and SCJ’s
  •  Neck – thyroid pathologies, parotid and submandibular glands, sternocleidomastoid and strap muscle pathology, thyroglossal and branchial cysts
  •  Elbows – tennis / golfers elbow, mass, collections tendinopathies
  •  Scrotum – testicular pathology e.g, malignancy, orchitis, epididymitis, varicocoeles, hydrocoeles / spermatocoeles and hernias
  •  Abdomen – aorta, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, liver, gallbladder and biliary tree, bladder, prostate, pre and post micturition volumes
  • * Abdominal Wall – to check for defects in the linea alba for anterior abdominal wall hernias and paraumbilical hernias. Can also examine the rectus abdominis for cysts, tears, and the alteral fascia for spigelian hernias.

While some of the exams may seem out of our field of work directly, it may be that during the course or assessment, examination or treatment, your doctor / clinicians suspect palthology. Groin pain for example, may be due to an inguinal hernia, testicular varicocoele or even kidney stone and therefore, where your occupational health physician or doctor have some doubt as the origin of the symptoms, they may suggest and ultraound scan in order to clarify/exclude or confirm certain pathology.

Alternatively, it may be that duing the course of an examination, a mass / tear is suspected iand before commencing treatment the doctor or practitioner would like a diagnosis or conformation of their initial findings. In this instance the client could be given the option of an ultrasound scan rather than write to the GP suggesting this.

If you require any further information please call our friendly admin team who can pass your details onto the relevant practitioner.



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