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Central Health Derby10K
  • Couch to 10K Training Plan – Week 4 January 28, 2017

      Take on New Activities as Training Increases As we progress into week 4 of the Couch to Central Health Derby 10K plan, our coach Andy recommends adding new exercise into your routine. The race takes place in 10 weeks, on April 9th, and it is important to improve all-round body strength to gain the best training. Week ...

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  • Couch to 10K Training Plan – Week 3 January 21, 2017

      In Week 3, our Couch to 10K training plan once again consists of three sessions which should be spread throughout your week. Although not essential, it is recommended that they are completed in the order shown, with the longer session done at the weekend or another day which isn’t a working day for you. There is ...

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  • Couch to 10K Training Plan – Week 2 January 17, 2017

      Hopefully you were able to complete Week 1 of the Couch to 10K training plan, and without any adverse effects. The plan for Week 2 involves three training sessions again, spread throughout the week with at least one non-running day in-between each of them. The amount of running begins to increase and, from now on, one session ...

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  • Couch to Central Health Derby10K Injury Prevention January 17, 2017

      Having made the fantastic decision to enter the Central Health Derby 10K, it’s time to get your training schedule underway! Getting going in the winter can be tough and it’s a time when you’re vulnerable to injury, especially if you’ve not done much exercise in the past or have spent some time out of training. So to ...

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  • Couch to 10K Training Plan – Week 1 January 12, 2017

      With New Year’s resolutions firmly in place after festive indulgence, Sporting Futures, the Central Health Derby 10K organisers, are helping people to get back on their feet. With race day on 9th April, they are releasing a Couch to Derby 10K plan which will guide and advise runners through 13 weeks of training. The Couch to ...

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