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  • Charlotte

    Just wanted to say how very impressed I was with my visit to Central Physio. The treatment I received from Amalia was excellent, and I’m finding the exercises she gave me to try at home most beneficial. In general, the way you operate as a company is second to none.

  • Alberto

    Lovely to see you all again yesterday, and I felt I must write to thank you for the exceptional service I always receive at Central Health. The results after treatment from you have always been very positive, and yesterday I saw Physiotherapist, Myrto Stamataki who I must say I rate 10 out of 10 for skill and professionalism. Also a big thank you to the reception team there – who were excellent as always!

  • Craig

    I received great service and treatment at Central Physio, and in particular by Myrto my treating Physiotherapist. I’m now symptom free. Thank you very much. I would highly recommend to others.

  • Kim

    Absolutely brilliant service!
    I had a really worrying upper back, neck, shoulder and arm problem for which I was waiting for a hospital spinal referral. In the meantime I sort the opinion of Kevin at Central Physio who comprehensively assessed me and treated me based on his diagnosis. I can’t believe he has resolved my issues in one, yes, one session! No hospital spinal referral needed! Thank you so much to the whole Central team, especially Kevin. I highly, highly recommend!

  • Adam

    I suffered with a long term foot and ankle problem and tried different treatment options that were unsuccessful. Then I visited Central Physio who resolved my problem and got me back to running within four sessions. I couldn’t believe it! Must highly recommend Central Physio and the whole team there. Nice facilities, very easy to get to and free parking! The whole experience was brilliant. Thank you!

  • Chris

    Can’t believe the ankle problem I’ve had for 18 months has been resolved after just two sessions at Central Physio! Thank you so much to Kevin and the Central Physio team! I would highly recommend them as they clearly try and sort out problems in the least amount of time as possible.

  • RP

    The team is very passionate and knowledgeable about what they do. They provide a great service and environment, which is full of positivity. I highly recommend Central Physio!

  • PJ

    I’ve suffered with long term neck and shoulder problems and had treatment at different places before, but none has proved as effective as that received at Central Physio.

    I was given a clear diagnosis, effective treatment and self management advice with easy to follow home exercise videos.

    Would highly recommend Central Physio.

  • Dan

    Having injured my back four years ago and facing the prospect of surgery, I had six sessions with Kevin at Central Physio. I’d lived with the pain and considered it to be the ‘norm’ before then, taking numerous painkillers to get by. From the very first session at Central, the pain and discomfort got better and better – and I’m now pain free! With the exercises and advice Kevin has given me, I feel confident in returning to and maintaining the quality of life that I had before the injury.

  • Alison

    Great service, treatment and outcome at Central Physio. I would highly recommend!

  • Nicola

    Great service just as was recommended, from arranging appointment, assessment and treatment. I was frightened about my back pain, but it was resolved in 3 sessions! Can’t believe it! Thank you to all at Central Physio for a very positive experience for a very nervous patient!

  • Jeanette

    Can’t recommend highly enough, a friendly and very professional service from start to finish. Thank you for sorting my hip pain and I love the video exercise programme. Thank you to all at Central Physio.

  • Andrew

    I had an injured left achilles for about 2 months and it was getting worse. Went to see Caroline Hide at Central. Caroline helped me to continue to train, and found other tight muscles that were not causing pain were actually the cause of my achilles problem. Caroline has treated me about 4 times and sorted a problem that was stopping me running and doing BMF. I have now done 3 BMF sessions and I am on the mend. Caroline also gave excellent advice on easy to do exercises at home. There was also advice on items to buy such as a foam roller and heel insole for my trainers. Using both made a difference within weeks. Thanks Caroline!

  • Mark

    I didn’t think any further physiotherapy would help me after having received it at hospital following an accident at work, and it not doing much for me.

    However, I can’t believe the progress I’ve made due to very dynamic and hands-on physiotherapy from Kevin and his team at Central.

    As well as the treatment I’ve received great advice, support and a self management plan.

    It really has restored my faith in physiotherapy – and now I know you just need the right Physios!

    Thank you so much to all the team at Central. Fantastic Service!

  • Jemma

    Amazing, I can’t believe after 2 years suffering with back pain that I am symptom free after 3 treatments from Kevin. Given a clear diagnosis, really effective hands on treatment and brilliant self-management advice with a video home exercise programme and work advice. Gave me great confidence in resolving my problem. Great Service and Team. Thank you Central, would highly recommend. A very welcoming, empathetic, pragmatic and dynamic team.

  • Helena

    After struggling with my back for well over a year, I visited Kevin at Central. He was great and very focused on achieving my goals. I got a thorough assessment, a diagnosis of my problem and very effective treatment. 4 sessions later and I am back at work! I can’t believe it, so grateful and can’t recommend enough! Thank you! I’ve got my life back!

  • Kevin Telfa

    ‘Jon, thankyou for your help. I’ve come out of the room to day felling 60% better. This is the best I’ve felt in 10 months. Please consider a pay rise. Yours faithfully, Kevin Telfa’

  • John (What Clinic)

    “Significant in improving my quality of life”

    Were you pleased with the treatment?
    I do feel that the treatment and advice received has been significant in improving my quality of life. I am a senior citizen with leg and knee problems which I incorrectly thought was just the ageing process until my visits to the Clinic. I am now walking much better and greater distances than I was a year ago.

  • Joe Moss

    ‘My arm and shoulder have significantly loosened up since my last appointment and I don’t feel that I need any more physiotherapy. I am sure it is Jon’s skillfull hands that have done trick and the video exercises. Thanks for all your help, kind regards, Joe Moss’

  • Ken Lane

    ‘I would like to say a Big Thankyou to Ben who has been treating me for the last 2 months. Last week I competed in the London Triathlon and smashed my previous time by 10 minutes, but importantly for the first time in years I came away injury free and able to walk without feeling any pain. Thanks to Ben I am looking forward to being able to train in preparation for the Great North Run. Great job Ben, greatly appreciate what you have done! Ken’

  • Rita Raison

    ‘I would like to say a Big Thankyou to Jon Lewis for his help in getting my shoulder corrected. His help and attitude can only be expressed in one word. EXCELLENT.’

  • Joan Stannard

    ‘Just a note to say thanks to Jon Lewis working through Charnwood Surgery, Burton Road, Derby. I was treated well, with respect and achieved my goals in improved movement and pain in my shoulder. Best Wishes.’