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  • Jemma

    Amazing, I can’t believe after 2 years suffering with back pain that I am symptom free after 3 treatments from Kevin. Given a clear diagnosis, really effective hands on treatment and brilliant self-management advice with a video home exercise programme and work advice. Gave me great confidence in resolving my problem. Great Service and Team. Thank you Central, would highly recommend. A very welcoming, empathetic, pragmatic and dynamic team.

  • Helena

    After struggling with my back for well over a year, I visited Kevin at Central. He was great and very focused on achieving my goals. I got a thorough assessment, a diagnosis of my problem and very effective treatment. 4 sessions later and I am back at work! I can’t believe it, so grateful and can’t recommend enough! Thank you! I’ve got my life back!

  • Kevin Telfa

    ‘Jon, thankyou for your help. I’ve come out of the room to day felling 60% better. This is the best I’ve felt in 10 months. Please consider a pay rise. Yours faithfully, Kevin Telfa’

  • John (What Clinic)

    “Significant in improving my quality of life”

    Were you pleased with the treatment?
    I do feel that the treatment and advice received has been significant in improving my quality of life. I am a senior citizen with leg and knee problems which I incorrectly thought was just the ageing process until my visits to the Clinic. I am now walking much better and greater distances than I was a year ago.

  • Joe Moss

    ‘My arm and shoulder have significantly loosened up since my last appointment and I don’t feel that I need any more physiotherapy. I am sure it is Jon’s skillfull hands that have done trick and the video exercises. Thanks for all your help, kind regards, Joe Moss’

  • Ken Lane

    ‘I would like to say a Big Thankyou to Ben who has been treating me for the last 2 months. Last week I competed in the London Triathlon and smashed my previous time by 10 minutes, but importantly for the first time in years I came away injury free and able to walk without feeling any pain. Thanks to Ben I am looking forward to being able to train in preparation for the Great North Run. Great job Ben, greatly appreciate what you have done! Ken’

  • Rita Raison

    ‘I would like to say a Big Thankyou to Jon Lewis for his help in getting my shoulder corrected. His help and attitude can only be expressed in one word. EXCELLENT.’

  • Joan Stannard

    ‘Just a note to say thanks to Jon Lewis working through Charnwood Surgery, Burton Road, Derby. I was treated well, with respect and achieved my goals in improved movement and pain in my shoulder. Best Wishes.’