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Osteopathic Treatment Techniques

We offer a full range of osteopathic treatment techniques. This ensures you’ll get exactly the right osteopathy treatment for your condition. The techniques we use range from electrotherapy to osteopathic manipulation and mobilization of the joints. We offer the highest level of care to restore your movement and free you from pain as quickly as possible.

Osteopathic Manipulation

Osteopathic manipulation is an effective treatment for joints that have become locked, stiffed or misaligned. These conditions can cause you considerable pain – and osteopathic manipulation can give instant pain relief. The treatment will involve your osteopath taking the affected joint to its most comfortable end range of movement. Once in this position, they will perform a quick, high velocity thrust on the joint. This action relieves your pain by releasing gases trapped within the joint, decreasing the pressure and allowing it to move more painlessly. You can sometimes hear a cracking noise as the thrust movement is made and the air is released.


Your osteopath may recommend electrotherapy. We offer a range of safe and pain-free electrotherapy techniques, including:

  • Therapeutic ultrasound – inaudible, high frequency vibrations are used to help heal soft tissue injuries and break down scar tissue. This is a painless technique.
  • Interferential – pads are applied to skin, stimulating your muscles and relieving any pain.
  • LLLT (low level laser therapy) – a low level laser or LEDs are used to alter cellular function. This is a proven treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis, osteoarthritis, tendonopathy and some chronic joint pain disorders.
  • Biofeedback – this is used to stimulate your muscles and measure the strength of their contractions. It is widely used to provide exercise and rehabilitation for patients with stress incontinence.
  • Tens machine – this is a portable device that can be used to relieve pain wherever you are.

Joint Mobilisation

This osteopathy treatment technique involves a passive movement of a joint. It is used on joints that have become locked, stiff and painful. Your osteopath will use a certain grade of pressure (from grade 1 to grade 4) to repeatedly move and loosen your joint.

Soft Tissue Mobilisations

There are a wide range of soft tissue mobilisation techniques. These osteopathic treatment techniques are used to help with pain and problems in the tendons, nerves, ligaments and muscles. Your osteopath may recommend:

  • Massage – this can be a soft, relaxing and smooth technique for increasing blood flow or relaxing the muscles. It can also be a more vigorous, deeper technique to release tension in the soft tissues, stop muscle spasms and improve alignment and movement.
  • Muscle energy techniques – your osteopath will move your joint in a precise position and direction. This helps to reduce pain and stiffness whilst improving your range of movement.
  • DTF (deep tissue frictions) – your osteopath will use 2 fingers to apply direct pressure across a tendon. This can be a painful technique but your treatment will only last 2-5 minutes and the treated area may go numb. It is widely used to break down scarred or thickened tendons.
  • PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular techniques) – this is a physical therapy technique, which uses functional movement patterns. PNF is like an advanced form of flexibility training that involves controlled stretching and contracting your muscles.

Sports Massage

For this treatment, your masseur will use varying levels of pressure to work your muscles. Sports massage is generally used after, during or before participating in sports. Benefits to athletes include improved flexibility, a reduced chance of injury and the removal of toxins that build up during exercise. More general benefits to your well being include decreased tension, reduced blood pressure, improved blood and lymph flow and pain relief.
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