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  • Shoulder Dislocation and Rehabilitation April 21, 2017

      The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint we have in our body, but this comes at a cost, as it is also one of our most lax joints. This is because rotator cuff muscles and ligaments hold the shoulder in position. A common injury is dislocations. This occurs when the head of the humerus comes ...

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  • Running Event Last Minute Injury Prevention April 20, 2017

      So you’ve been training for a big running event, like this weekend’s London Marathon, and everything’s gone well. You’ve put in the hard yards and you’ve now tapered your training. And right now you feel ready and you’re injury free – so let’s keep it that way! Here are some simple, but all important, pre and ...

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  • Central Health Derby 10K – Don’t Let Injury Get In Your Wa… April 1, 2017

      As we come to the end of the Couch to Central Health Derby 10K Training Plan and race day on 9th April is on the horizon, it’s time to think about remaining injury free pre, during and post-event! So to help you stay in great shape during the last few days before the race, and to ...

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  • Dealing with Running Injuries February 4, 2017

      Now you’re increasing distance and intensity on Week 5 of your Couch to Central Health Derby 10K Training Plan you can become vulnerable to a muscle, ligament or tendon injury, which may well be a pull, strain or even a tear. I wrote about Injury Prevention during Week 2 of the Training Plan, and if you ...

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  • Love Your Back January 30, 2017

      As we enter February and get ready for Valentine’s Day, here’s 14 top tips from the experts at Central Physio on how to Love Your Back….and stay healthy and pain free! Move More! Exercise is key to the prevention and treatment of low back pain. Keep it simple, keep it regular Keep Active when it Hurts! Continue ...

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